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Area 51 - Wikipedia

Area 51 is the common name of a highly classified United States Air Force (USAF) facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range.Officially, the facility is called Homey Airport (KXTA) or Groom Lake, named after the salt flat situated next to its airfield. Although details of the facility's operations are not publicly known, the USAF says it as an open training range and it most ...

The Real Story Behind the Myth of Area 51

The Real Story Behind the Myth of Area 51. There are no aliens at America's most famous top-secret military base, but what is there is just as interesting.

What is Area 51? (with pictures) -

Area 51 has been a constant source of conspiracy theories since the 1950s, especially since no one actually knows what goes on behind this heavily guarded area of land except the people who work there. Speculation is rife with theories covering everything from unidentified flying objects (UFOs) to secret government aircraft manufacturing. It is located in a remote region of the Nevada desert ...

Area 51 | Description & Facts |

Area 51: Area 51, secret U.S. Air Force military installation located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada. It is administered by Edwards Air Force Base in southern California. The installation has been the focus of numerous conspiracies involving extraterrestrial life, though its only confirmed use is as a flight testing facility.

What Goes on at Area 51? - HISTORY

Though you can see the Area 51 complex’s buildings in satellite images, it doesn’t appear on any public U.S. government maps. For decades, conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists have speculated ...

What is Area 51?

So what about the rumors? What lies underneath the base? Former employee reveals all: In 1989, a man named Bob Lazar came forward to say that he’d been employed as an engineer at Area 51, and his job had been to work on a UFO.A real UFO, from another planet, flown here by real aliens.

Area 51 IPTV Over 1,000 HD Live Channels for $7 Per Month

Area 51 IPTV is an inexpensive service that provides over 1,000 live channels with most in HD quality. As of this writing, Area 51 costs only $7 per month!

Area 51 (2015) - IMDb

Directed by Oren Peli. With Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg, Ben Rovner, Jelena Nik. Three young conspiracy theorists attempt to uncover the mysteries of Area 51, the government's secret location rumored to have hosted encounters with alien beings. What they find at this hidden facility exposes unimaginable secrets.

Area 51 raid planned in 'joke' Facebook event gains over ...

Should everything go according to plan, more than a half-million strangers will gather in a remote Nevada town in mid-September, united by a common goal: to raid Area 51 in the wee hours of the ...

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