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Rifle Recoil Table - CHUCKHAWKS.COM

These sorts of things cannot be accounted for in a recoil table. Also, please understand that there are dozens of loads for any given bullet weight in any cartridge that will produce the same velocity, but a different amount of recoil. So the figures in any recoil table should be taken as approximate.

338 Win Mag recoil?? - Forums

Whats the recoil like of the 333 Win Mag I currently shot a Remington mountain rifle in 30/06 and a 7MM Ultra Mag have no problem with either I seen a used 338 at the local gun shop that has a good price its been there for 6 months the dealer said not too many people want something that big for Pa whitetails but I always prefered the big bore calibers by the way I mostly hunt whitetails with ...

Reality about 338 Win Mag Recoil - Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum

The 338 Win mag really strives in bullets 225 grains and up anything less both ballistics and ft lbs of energy are greater with the 300 Win Mag. IMO a 338 Win Mag is a great moose and elk gun paired with a fixed power scope and in general short range "bush gun".

Thoughts on the .338 Win Mag? - Shooters Forum

The 338 Win Mag is a great and versatile round. I have elk hunted with mine but never scored with it. My favorite 338 rifle has become the 338 Marlin Express though. As a lever fan, the 338 ME makes an ideal elk and deer gun. A lot less recoil than the magnum but excellent down range ballistics. You will like the 338 WM though especially if you ...

American Hunter | Head to Head: .338 Winchester Magnum vs ...

I find that, especially off the bench, the .338 Winchester Magnum’s recoil can be quick, and rather nasty, while the .375 H&H’s recoil is a gentler push, though still substantial. Put another way, I’d much rather put two boxes of 300-grain .375 H&H ammo downrange in a single sitting, than I would two boxes of 250-grain .338 Winchester Magnum.

Recoil .338 Win Mag.

Shooting my trusty Ruger Mark II .338 Winchester Magnum. Great gun for the price and has put plenty of meat on the table. It's topped with a 3 X 9 Nikon Scope.

.300 Win Mag vs .338 Lapua Mag – Cartridge Comparison ...

The .338 LM rounds have an average of almost more recoil energy than the .300 Win Mag even when being fired from a heavier rifle platform. of recoil energy is thought of as enough to cause flinching and negatively influence shot placement. Several of the .338 LM rounds are double this number while all of the .300 Win Mag rounds ...

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